About Us

ELGA Wealth Management. is a credit union operated and member oriented investment advisory and financial plannig practice based in Flint, Michigan.  The program was started in 2002 in an effort to be different from the traditional firms, brokers, and insurance agents you see today. 

 Locally Owned and Operated - Not a Franchise

  • Independent - Cares deeply about the best interests of the client
  • Vast Products and Services
  • Experienced - Tax and Income Specialties
  • Complimentary Trust Funding and Client Reviews


Our discovery process helps us identify your chief concerns to begin our relationship.  We start by listening to and learning from each individual as to what they are specifically looking for in a financial plan, in a financial adviser, as well as what their experiences and expectations might be.
With this information, our professionals can analyze your situation and make recommendations and referrals if needed. From there we can then create a snapshot  of where you are today and forecast where you are headed.
In reviewing our portfolios we make certain that the assets you have, match up with the purposes that they are intended for.   We do not want to make changes just for the sake of making change,  however, it is much easier to avoid a mistake than to fix one.
 Periodic reviews can also be integrated with your other professional's. Communication is a key part of our process and though we have expertise in our own fields, we do recognize the importance of your other relationships.  We look to build strengthen your existing relationships  not steer you away from them.
In addition to reviews and periodic calls and letters from our office, you can also be kept up to date about information and events through web access and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
As a point, we always personally answer any emails or telephone calls.

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