Choosing An Adviser

Do you know who your adviser is?

Are they a broker, are they insurance agent, or are they a registered investment adviser or affiliate? In many cases this makes all the difference in the world on what they can and cannot do for you. This office is neither a captive insurance agent nor a wire-house broker. It is a fully independent insurance and securities branch office.  We can offer most any security and insurance product and are not handicapped into thinking annuities and mutual fundsare the end all to financial planning or investments. Nor are we restricted by our parent companies or alliances.

 What is the difference between an investment adviser and a financial planner?  A Broker and Mutual Fund representative? What about a Wirehouse vs. and independent? Knowing the difference and what these professionals can and more importantly can’t do, can make a great deal of difference in the products and services that you receive.

Some professionals assess every aspect of your financial life - including saving, investments, insurance, taxes, retirement, and estate planning.  Others may only be able to recommend that you invest in a narrow range of products, and services. Before you hire any financial professional, you should know exactly what services they can deliver, any limitations on what they can recommend, and how the services you are receiving is paid for.


The true role of your financial professional in many ways is to separate yourself from your emotions, manage expectations, and facilitate the selection of your investments accounts. 

Being an investment adviser representative, a stockbroker, and insurance agents gives us an upper hand to others who are not licensed to do all three.

Some questions to ask:

Adviser Questions

  1. Would you mind printing off and walking through your FINRA Broker Check? (this shows their registrations and if there has been any complaints)
  2. Do you charge commissions, a fee, or both? How much do you receive?
  3. Will you put in writing how changes in investment decisions are made, or is it by a gut feeling?

Investment Questions

  1. What are the Annual Fees?
  2. Is there a Surrender Charge, How Much, and How Long?
  3. Are there any restrictions to the portfolio or manager has?
  4. How am I taxed?

 Our Adviser Profiles

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